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I take portraits of artists and professionals

I’m Mickel, a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. I’ve spent the last 6 years working in all aspects of the photo and film industry. Specializing in lifestyle and documentary portrait projects. A reliable photo assistant for select commercial productions. I also help creatives manage equipment rentals, studios, transportation and other creative resources.

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  • Be open.
    Team members should be experienced but open to new ways of working and collaborating.
  • Be better.
    We should all be on a quest to improve what we do and how we help our clients.
  • Be positive.
    An upbeat attitude and open lines of communication go a long way.


University of Design
Lead Web Designer
Understanding where you’re coming from helps us to go in the right direction together.
University of Design
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It’s our design philosophy, and the way we approach our work, our team and our clients.
University of Design
Junior Designer
Technology moves fast. Design moves on. So it’s important to keep learning.